This course will count with the presence of internationally renowned plastic surgeons, who will treat, among others, a topic so important nowadays as safety in the fat transfer to the buttocks. They will also demonstrate the techniques they use for Composite Breast Augmentation (Supercharged Breast Augmentation) and Composite Buttock Augmentation (Supercharged Brazilian Butt Lift).

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Dr. Alexander Aslani, Marbella, Spain
Dr. Daniel del Vecchio, New York, USA
Dr. Patrick Mallucci, London, UK
Dr. Richard Abs, Marseille, France
Dr. Constantino Mendieta, Miami, USA
Dr. Joan Fontdevila, Barcelona, Spain
Dr. William P. Adams Jr., Dallas, USA

Dr. Benjamin Ascher, Paris, France
Dr. Francisco Gómez Bravo, Madrid, Spain
Dr. Matt Stefanelli, Paris, France
Dr. Veronika Mandlik, Marbella, Spain
Dr. Sebastien Garson, Paris, France
Dr. Miguel Gómez Bravo, Marbella, Spain

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